A change for 2018: The New J. Richards

It's with great excitement that I announce a new chapter for J. Richards Creative.

Over the past few months, I've been internally strategizing about our mission and our goals. Determining answers to questions like: What do we stand for? Where do we want to be and whom do we want to be there with? A year now under our belts, we've learned a great deal and now have a clearer vision of the type of company we want to be.  

In both my personal and professional life, I believe that doing anything without purpose and passion is a waste of time. When you don't love what you do (whatever that may be), it creates a negative environment. When you've finally found that thing... the person, cause, place, job... that lights a fire in you, you should pursue it. 

It wasn't expressly clear to me a year ago but it is now. Ahh, the beauty of hindsight. Personally, I am an advocate for a lot of things. And the question arose - when should personal and professional mix? If you have the opportunity to turn your passion into a career, the better off you are. And that's exactly what we're doing.

And so, our new chapter: We will be exclusively working with clients that have proven to be ethically responsible. This means a lot of different things but on the surface, it means that we as a consultancy will focus on representing clients with consumer goods and services that practice social good in business and are rooted in values that are ethically sound. It shouldn't be assumed that we've worked with unethical brands in the past. We haven't.

As an inclusive consultancy, this doesn't mean that we're putting up walls. Rather, we are putting our foot down. This change means that we are choosing to support like-minded brands and organizations that fulfill a cause, and not accepting clients just because they're willing to pay an invoice. We're opening our arms to new possibilities and taking steps toward pursuing innovative companies that are making waves and fueling change.

There are many underserved organizations and brands that bring light to the many issues we as a society could be paying more attention to - our health, the environment, species conservation, local communities and economies and the list goes on. These brands are changing the way we think and live - for the better. Because I have so much respect for these types of organizations, I'm now devoting all my efforts towards supporting them. 

We must work for a purpose. This is our purpose. 

Looking to the future and all 2018 has to hold, 
-Jane Richards