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j. richards public relations

J. Richards is a Cleveland-based boutique public relations consultancy amplifying the voice of brands with heart. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes that practice ethical and sustainable habits to better the world around us. 

We ignite conversations that matter, blending creativity with strategy to craft campaigns that perform across print, broadcast and digital media. We don’t follow tired methods. We don’t believe in working without a cause. Things are done differently with us and we’ve been told that’s a good thing. Find out why.


our expertise

Going beyond traditional public relations, we craft digital media campaigns that pack a punch. Influencer collaborations, social media management, special event planning and content marketing are just a few of our favorite things. We tend to think of communications from the outside-in, working proactively to generate positive brand awareness.  


our clients


ethically responsible brands and non-profit organizations

We are a supporter of brands and organizations across the globe that create products or provide services that are socially and ethically responsible. We are a passionate bunch and selectively work with companies who are just as passionate as we are about practicing social good in business.  


environmental + ANIMAL

This encompasses a large group of brands, organizations and individuals working towards similar causes of protecting and preserving the planet and those who live on it. We support veterinary clinics, green companies, non-profit organizations and advocacy groups, animal rescues, wildlife conservation organizations, filmmakers, photographers and individuals alike in their mission to inspire positive societal change. 


We represent clients who have a passion to inspire healthier living by providing services and products that change the way we think, shop and live. The products are cruelty-free and sustainably made with traceable sources. The services enhance the mind, body, soul and environment. From skincare to yoga studios to wellness retreat resorts, we represent a wide-variety of brands that focus on true health and wellness over profit as a bottom line.


The world needs good food. Not just the delicious kind, but the healthy kind. Food that is free of chemicals and full of nutrients. Food that supports local communities and contributes to healthy lifestyles. We represent brands that strive to provide organic, locally-sourced foods and beverages. From organic farms to local vegetarian restaurants, to detox juice companies and beyond... we and they know what healthy tastes like.


Don't see your niche? Don't worry. Schedule a consultation with us and we'll discuss whether it's a right fit.



For us, a healthier lifestyle means a healthier conscious. Being kind to the planet and all it's inhabitants takes determination, strength and a ton of effort.

We are on a mission to support like-minded people, brands and organizations that are taking positive steps to creating a better world for all of us. Whether that effort be small or large, it's an effort. And that's the kind of thing we can get behind.

We are here to amplify your voice and your efforts. To raise you up, above the rest. To show you a return on investment. To help you make a difference. Whether you're launching your first business or you're part of a long-standing organization, we're here to build and advance your brand for years to come.